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Woman who thought she was raped actually just had hemorrhoids

SUBSCRIBE to Next Media Animation: A young woman from New Zealand visited Hong Kong this week. She got plastered in a pub in Lan Kwai Fong and woke up in the street the next day. Suffering pain in her rear end, the woman suspected that she may have been raped, but it turned out to...

You've Been Pooping Wrong - Sitting on Toilets Causes Hemmorhoids

Toilets are not from nature - there is no "toilet tree." The modern flush toilet was invented by Sir John Harington in 1596 . Focused more on sanitation than anatomy, the toilet was raised off the floor. This makes sense to us modern poopers because we don't like the idea of touching the bathroom floor with our butts.

The problem is that our intestines aren't aligned for sitting down....

Source: JunkfoodRehab

Yahoo answersDoes anyone know anything about scalp psoriasis does it make you go bald?

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    Alternative treatment for you, check out this website Here is part of the blurb and it also has lots of testimonials from people who have had great success in using their skincare...

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    According to WebMD, the leading medical terms people search for on the Web include: shingles, the gallbladder, gout, hemorrhoids, lupus, skin problems, allergies, heart disease, diabetes and sleep disorders. The groups doing the most research on

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Hemorrhoids C.N. plus Herbal ... but it has quite a list of Roche initiated a Phase Ia clinical trial in New Zealand for the lead MAXY-alpha candidate at the end ...

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My mate has a hemorrhoid and would like to know what he can do for it(treatment wise)-as we live in new zealand?? Thanks for any replies & cheers from NZ!!!

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Hemorrhoid sufferers, you need to read this: A natural, safe, proven and permanent cure for hemorrhoids is now available. ... Ed 'Trout' Palmer Wellington, New Zealand.

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