The Clean Seat 28pk Unisex Unscented (2 pack)

by Hangzhou Xiaojiemei Health-care Products Co., Ltd.

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  • Perfect for hemorrhoid sufferers and those with incontinence issues
  • Great for pregnant women, truck drivers, and those who exercise
  • 2 Pack of 28 unscented (56 pcs) - designed for men and women

B-wear , The Powerful Underwear

A very powerful underwear that have FIR (far-infrared) and minus ion on it. This underwear can be used for: •Regulates disturbances in the urinary system. •Improves condition of constipation. •Alleviates hemorrhoid pains & reduces piles. •Reduces stretch marks. •Control odour & white discharge....

Does hydrotherapy help treat muscle soreness

Hydrotherapy is a great way to handle the braxton hicks contractions or false labor and early labor at home. Most labor centers and some hospitals like I have tubs available for the workforce. Using water therapy can also help women deal with labor contractions and helps to make it easier for the birth. Hydrotherapy stroke, which often involves stretching and exercising in a pool heated water can help...

Source: Supinator Muscle

Yahoo answersWhat's the worst sickness or pain you can have and still be physically intimate with your spouse?

  • Marriage & Divorce

    LOL...... I had a head injury, had staples from the crown down to behind the ear, that didn't stop me. I also had 2 herniated disc in my lower back and within a week it was on.. **out of your list...

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