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External Hemorrhoid External Hemorrhoid. External Hemorrhoid is one of the digestive system diseases that can cause bleeding in the anus. Constipation is the leading primary cause although hemorrhoids have a multiple etiology, among many others is pregnancy. There are different kinds of external...

Yahoo answersnursing diagnosis for a patient with hemorrhoids?

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    Hi, I'm a nursing student too. I don't know how much you already know, but if you follow the basic format for a diagnosis it shouldn't be too difficult to come up with a couple on your own. The...

Hemorrhoids | CRL
They are similar to the varicose veins that occur in the legs. The etiology of hemorrhoids is most commonly genetic, being passed from generation to generation.

Hemorrhoids Etiology - Free Articles Directory | Submit Articles ...
Hemorrhoids are not varicosities. Hemorrhoids are categorized into internal and external hemorrhoids. Treat hemorrhoids only when the patient complains of them. Care ...

Hemorrhoids Etiology
Hemorrhoid Treatment In The Outpatient Gastroenterology … Original Research the journal of medicine | november/december 2009 | volume 2 | issue 5 249 2009;2(5):248 ...

Hemorrhoids Etiology - Epocrates Online
Hemorrhoids etiology, diagnosis, treatment options, and images at Epocrates Online, the leading provider of drug and disease decision support tools.

Hemorrhoids :: etiology - BioInfoBank Library, Home Page
BioInfoBank Library :: Hemorrhoids :: etiology :: Management of haemorrhoids. The prevalence of hemorrhoids and chronic constipation. An epidemiologic study.

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