DMI Convoluted Foam Ring Donut Seat Cushion Pillow for Back Pain, Hemorrhoids and After Childbirth, 18 inch, Plaid

by Duro-Med

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  • IDEAL AFTER CHILDBIRTH, FOR HEMORRHOID SUFFERERS or for those with lower back pain
  • REDUCES PRESSURE ON BACK AND TAILBONE; ring-shape comfortably conforms to body contours
  • CENTER HOLE IS HIDDEN BY FABRIC, making it discreet enough to take anywhere

Hemorrhoids After Childbirth

The following new parent teaching video provided by Madison Memorial Hospital is to help educate about hemorrhoids after childbirth. Please visit us at for more information about MMH, our services, and other resources.

10 Ways Motherhood Affects Women's Health - Everyday Health

Becoming a mother changes your life in countless ways. One of the ways involves your health — and not just for the nine months of pregnancy. Motherhood can have a profound effect on women’s health years after childbirth.

Here are 10 ways motherhood changes your health, for better and worse:

Motherhood and Cancer Risk

Women who have no children or those who had...


Yahoo answersDo internal hemorrhoids from childbirth go away on their own?

  • Newborn & Baby

    Mine went away on their own. They lasted about a month. It was simply the most awful pain ever. Your stool softner is not making you have diarrea is it? That can make them last longer... I got some...

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  • 10 Ways Motherhood Affects Women's Health

    Timmins says that during pregnancy, the heavy uterus puts pressure on the veins in that area. Childbirth and straining while going to the bathroom add to the problem. However, Timmins notes that hemorrhoids generally aren't a problem after women have a

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    If you're pregnant, the additional pressure your growing baby places on your uterus can result in hemorrhoids. Childbirth can increase the problem, but fortunately, most hemorrhoids caused by pregnancy resolve after delivery. There is research casting

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Hemorrhoids are varicose veins – blood vessels that have become unusually swollen – that show up in the rectal area. ... soon after you give birth.

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Hemorrhoids after childbirth? this really is normal. they usually go away after a week or so, maybe longer/shorter it depends! sit in a warm bath (not hot) for about ...

Treat hemorrhoids after childbirth
Download Now: "Basic Techniques For The Prevention and Treatment of Hemorrhoids" Women who got hemorrhoids during pregnancy and after childbirth usually have a mild ...

Getting Rid Of Hemorrhoids after Childbirth
Are you in search of methods to help getting rid of piles or hemorrhoids after childbirth? I s ay congratulations on having a bouncing infant I expect everything went ...

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